Reece is currently Australia's brightest hope for International success since Michael Doohan dominated the sport from 1994-1998. He is Australia's Top Privateer in the Australian Supersport Championship racing his Suzuki GSX-R600 in his first season racing in the highly competitive Supersport class.

Reece currently works part-time at Body Perfect Autobody to help maintain his Supersport team. Reece trains 5-6 days a week which consists of Gym Work, Swimming, Running, Cycling and Rock Climbing, training sessions usually last between 1.5 hours and 3 hours which helps keep Reece in perfect trim to wrestle the Supersport bike week in - week out.

Reece is a non-smoker and non-drinker and believes that these two things are harmful for his future success. Reece likes to socialise where time permits usually spending time with friends and family.

Reece enjoys his rest time and likes to spend it playing video games, watching movies or just sleeping. Reece believes that sleep is an important part of his life and devotes enough time towards it but does not go to far with it and hates sleeping in late. Reece likes to get up and start things early.

Reece enjoys all kinds of food but does not like eating junk food. Reece has a strict diet which consists of healthy foods which keep him in top shape. Reece especially enjoys Italian and Asian foods.

Reece starts off the day with exercise in the morning usually at the local gym or swimming in his pool. Reece likes to keep his exercise fun and enjoyable and things like Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and Running keep him motivated and relaxed.

Reece travels by car on the road as he believes riding a motorcycle on the road is far too dangerous and risky.

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