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31/8/18 - 15 years....where did the time go? Still miss you every day and the hurt still remains. Love you Mate.

No 1 Fan 31/8/2016

13 years!!! still feels like yesterday... The pain, and sadness never fades. Love you and miss you every day.....until we meet again, mate.

Love you more as each day goes by. You would be so proud of your niece Mia-Reece. xxx

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28/10/2015 - 32 today Reece. What could have been we will never know, but I do know I miss you so much and think of you every day. Happy birthday mate...

Christmas Day is here again, no day will ever be the same. Love and remember you Reece every single day. You are always in my heart. xx

Wesley Pratt

In one second everything changed in the cruellest way. I can't believe you would have been 30 tomorrow. Love and miss you every single day. Happy 30th Birthday day Reece. xxx

Pehr Bam Carlson

Anything that can help !

Love and miss you mate xxxxx

Happy birthday mate, spent the weekend at the Island, nothing is the same miss you so so much. xxxx

No 1 Fan 28/10/2012

Another birthday passes and still hurts without you. Miss you more every day. Love you mate, always. Happy 29th Birthday

The tears still flow, nine years since that tragic day and the pain just never goes away. Loved now more than ever. xxooxx

Sitting here listening to some old music and thinking of you, the pain and heartache never goes away and the tears still flow. Love and miss you every single day. xxxooxxx

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8 years today..each day I expect to see you walking through the door. Everywhere I look I see your face..Miss you so much, Love you always.

Another year without you, miss you so so much. You took part of me but left so much of you with us all. Loved and remembered every single day. xxooxx

Rachelle Houterman

Your choice of Mike Jones as the recipient of the Reece Bancell scholarship for 2011 series was well chosen. Congratulations Mike

Happy Birthday Reece - 27 today. Can only imagine how different it could have been. I miss you so much. Love you M8.

7 years today....we will understand one day, I just wish I didnt have to....Love and miss you more with every day and year.

Love you more and more as each day goes by. You are always in our heart

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Happy 26th Reece. It still hurts! We will understand it all one day.......Miss you so much. Love Always

kym newman

I think your endeavours are highly commendable, and your thought and care for others who may find themselves having to deal with such heart rending accidents is a measure of your humanity and compassion.I wish you all the strength you need to continue with your great work, and I still proudly wear the reminders of Reece on my jacket, and tell any body who asks about it, the reason and meaning behind it.Wishing you and your family all the best.Kym


Send my love to u Reece and Reeces'family...

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28 October 2008: Happy Birthday Reece!!!! 25.....I miss u so much...Love You.

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5 Years today Reece. Still does not feel right....just does not get any easier without you...Love you and miss you so much, every day.

Another year without you, miss you more & more each day. Loved & remembered always - You will stay in our heart forever.

Rachelle Houterman

My son also races and there is always the worry of serious injuries or death but they are out there doing what they love doing. I admire that you are still involved in the sport and helping out others.

Mark Stewart

I still remember hearing about Reece, today I cried again in his memory. I wish the family the best and know the moments can never be replaced, but we are not trying to replace Reece we wish to celebrate a life lived to the fullest. Sometimes the special moments are short, but full!

Chris Lotinga

What an amazing young man!

Jessie Tan

A wonderful young man who has attained great achievements in his life.

robert christie

Jill, Thank you again for your donation of equipment to the Mallala Volunteer ambulance at the Mallala Racetrack. Sorry I did not get to talk longer with you, but, thnigs were busy, and the other crew did not have lunch. I assumed we were going to stop and have a lunch break at the time of the presentation. It was a pleasure to meet you, and again have a merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Tony Marasco

Happy birthday buddy



dean hokin

dear bancell family, i know its always going to be hard just wanted to let you know that i will always be here for you all just call

fay bancell

3 years too many without you my precious grandson. Thoughts are always with me every day. My thoughts to Jill David & Kate on this third anniversary. LOVE TO YOU ALL. NANA FAY

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I still cannot believe it....3 years on and the pain is still here. The memories make me smile and make me feel so very proud but also makes me think of how good you were and would have been. I really miss the opportunity to see you grow, to achieve your goals and to just be are THE best, and I miss you so much...always with me.

Beth Hamilton

Hi Reece. It's about my DRIVEWAY! It's quite a few years since you stopped here with your old man on your way through to a meet. Ate me out of house and home. But the thing that stabs my heart is that you were cleaning the van and you sprayed some super duper cleaning agent on the wheels. They gleamed but so does four little patches on my driveway. I still walk out to my car and see them everyday. You etched your memory with those four white patches left on my drive. It still makes me smile and makes me remember. just like a man to leave a stain!!!! and race away. Take care Reece. Love Beth x

Terina Hickey

Keep up the great work in Reece's memory.

Josh Houwen

I have just started racing a Yamaha R6 in Australian Superstock finishing 6th overall after only 2 race meets. I hope to be able to acheive the same results as Reece did, Motor bike racing is my passion. I think your scholarship is great for the sport. Thanks Josh


Reece, Did a trackday at EC yesterday, had a great time, im pissed off we never got to hit the track together so u could teach me a thing or two.. altho I bet u were there with me anyway watching over me. Still think of you and miss ya heaps mate. Rob

Allan Bollins

i was at the creek on that tragic day i was sitting high on the hill at turn 1, i would like to offer my condolences to his family & also commend you for what you have done since.

Neil Orme

Still in my thoughts, put your yellow ribbon on the toy duck which sits on the faring brace of my SP1, just in case you fancy ride. you were a good man thats for sure. Neil.

Your Biggest Fan & Mate

24/12/2005 - Merry Xmas Mate..I hope you are having a great time..cannot express how much I still miss you, how much it still hurts me...I feel your presence so much..Love you very much.

Marion Parsons

well done website and good tribute to Reece. Marion (member of TMA who you spoke to at the Moto GP)

Ron Ca$hman

Hey Reece miss you mate . Your dad is coming to Mallala on 27th November to present the trophies for 2005 Reece Bancell Trophy Series . I am looking forward to catching up with him . Caught up with your mum & Kate at The MotoGP.

Pete Housley

22 today Reece.....I often think where would you be and what you would you be up thing for sure you would have made a success out of anything you chose to do, your positive view of the world regardless of any setbacks will always be an inspiration. Keep smiling and keep an eye on your Mum, Dad & Kate. Happy birthday buddy! Pete

fay bancell



Years go by, but you're still in our hearts, we still miss you, still love you. Cant wait to tell you bout all my stacks, and the races overseas. Luv Dotti

Sharyon Newington

For Reece who will always be forever young.....For David, Jill and kate love to you From Sharyon, Michael, Chris, Mark, Julian and Rowena

Fay Bancell

Reece you left my life two years ago but you will never leave my heart. Thanks for the time you were here for me. You touched my life forever, my love always. Nanna Fay

Susan Watson

miss you Reece so very much love from Nana Betty Susan and Tinka

Lisa Yan

In Times of Darkness, Love sees... In Times of Slience, Love hears... In Times of doubt, Love hopes... In Times of sorrow, Love heals... And in all times, Love remembers... Thinking of you Reece, With Love

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Another year! Still is not real. I miss u so much,life is just not the same. Love you.

Love you mate and always will

Novia Peval

I never meet him in person, but i knew from his father that you are very nice young boy, u are not only success in racing but he was succesful with his life and others. we are proud of you...

Susan and Nana Betty

Another year without you miss you always have a good year in heaven love Susan Nana Betty and Tinka

Keelan Family

Wishing you all a very merry xmas! Aswell as a safe and happy new year!! Lv from us all.

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24/12/04 Xmas Eve....another one without you, Reece. Its still not right - never will be. Love you always and miss you deeply.


hi dave and family. i think what you are doing in memory of gentle man reece is to be supported %100 and is testament to the person he was and the people you are. keep it up. there are a lot of people in the australian racing secene behind you. regards j.j.oreilly

Tony & Alison

Congratulations to Jill, Kate, Dave & all involved with the Auction on Friday night. The night was a great success & such a fitting tribute to Reece. We can't wait for next year & hope again to have so much fun. Cheers, Tony & Alison

chris hallam

if i can help in any small way plz email me ty as a race fan and wach theas men go round at high speed my mind only bogges thorts whth you from chris.g.hallam

Ivan Evans

Hi David: What an excellent and fitting memorial to Reece. I think of you often, David--hopefully we will meet again! From San Diego, Catherine and I wish you the best for you and your family.

Dylan Resnekov

I had the honour of meeting reece when i used to race and even remember him giving me a few tips at the track. Of course then burning off making things look so easy. Being of the same age i always admired Reece and hoped one day i too could acheive what you he had. RIP and you will always be a true inspiration to me. Condolences to your family and i am sure you are resting with the angels as i type this.

peter & sally & family groth

what a fantastic site in memory of reece, although we didnt know him personally we sure did enjoy watching him race ,thankyou for the memorys captured within this website for all to enjoy ,take care to the bancell family and know our thoughts and prayers are with you all in your sad loss of your champion son ... the groth family ,adelaide ,south australia...


21 Reece.....what a party that would have been! Still thnk of you all the time.....sometimes with a smile, sometimes sad...its good that the pain never goes....just shows how much you meant to us and how much you're missed. Be proud of your Mum, Dad & Kate...their strength is an inspiration. Take it easy Buddy.


Happy 21st Reece. Im still not sure what to say, you should be here. We all love you very much. You have such an awesome family, theyre amazing. We cant ever forget you. luv from me. xx

Dad - 28 October 2004

Hey Reece ? 21 today! We should be celebrating your 21st and a successful season, and working on next year, although I know in my heart that this would have already been resolved. It feels so empty, still so unreal and like an incredibly bad dream that just won?t go away - I still keep hoping that it is just a bad dream and one day will wake up and everything will be fine again. How I wish we could be celebrating right now, enjoying laughs & life and looking forward together ? I miss you & love you very much - Happy 21st.

Tony & Alison

Reece, Today we remember the occasion of your 21st birthday without you here to celebrate. We miss you heaps & think of you every day. To Dave, Jill & Kate we look forward to the dinner next month to laugh, cry, share memories & also raise some serious money in Reece's name. Love to all, Tony & Alison

Fay Bancell

Reece, Granpa and I were so proud how you had developed as a youth, so caring, so thoughtful, so loving, always bright with a smile on your face and lots of heart in your soul, and spirit in your heart. How proud we would have been to share this day (your 21st birthday) with you; altho, who knows maybe you ARE sharing it with Granpa. You are in my heart and soul forever. Happy Birthday my beautiful grandson. Love Nana Fay

Nicholas Iceton

my dear childhood bestfriend, you live on always in my heart. Love you bro.

David Bancell

To everyone who has visited Reece's website and to those that have put up comments, thank you so much. We really appreciate that people are still looking at this site and even more so appreciate that you feel like you want to make comments - please continue this as it really does give us a lot of support and strength. It makes us feel very proud that so many people have been touched by Reece and very proud to see these comments from the heart. Again, thank you to everyone. Dave, Jill & Kate

I was always worried to read this as I wasnt sure what I would find wether I thought it would make it harder nowing that reeces family would read this. but now over a year later I have sat here reading these heart felt words and relized that writing our good byes or hellos help reeces family every day and keep them going and they no that there not alone i watched for weeks after how the family reacted to this tradgetty and you want to think that it will be a dream or that theyll be right later but the truth is i still watch them struggle with it every day. My heart and love is with Dave Jill Reece and Kate Love always a very sorry friend

Samantha Laube ( roberts snackbar)

1years has passed, thinking of you Reece.xx

No 1 Fan & Best Mate

Reece, they say it gets easier with time but I feel like it just gets harder. I miss being with you and doing all those things we did together. I miss seeing you and miss you giving the others a hard time on the track. I still can't believe it and still ask why - maybe one day I will. Life just isn't the same and never will be. I LOVE YOU and miss you deeply.

Fay Bancell

In memory of my beautiful loving grandson Reece - not only remembered today but every day. You will always be in my heart. Love and miss you. Nana Fay

Ron Ca$hman

Still miss you all the time mate. Miss the chats on Messenger. Love to Dave,Jill & Kate

Alison & Tony

Reece, It has already been a year since that terrible day. Every day we think of you & remember. We both wear our gold 3's to remind us not only that you were here & are now not with us, but of how precious life is & how fleeting it can be, that life is to be lived to the fullest & that each & every dawn brings new a new day of promise to be used wisely. We miss you heaps & send our love to Dave, Jill & Kate. XX

Dorothy T

A year ago today our world changed as you left it. Cant believe its been a year, its so vivid in my memory. The sky was too blue, the clouds too nice on that day. The next morning was so peaceful as hearts across Australia, and the other side of the world began to break for missing you Reece. And I miss you. But Im thankful for all the times you made me laugh. If death were meant to be the end surely itd be easier to accept but God has placed eternity into our hearts so I know Ill see you again. luv from Dorothy

Alex Riley

After meeting Reece in early 2002 i learnt that he was one of the most helpful people i have met. After just entering the sport that year Reece was always on hand to help, he said "im more than happy to help you as much as i can until you start beating me!!!! He friendship will be missed and so will his trade mark smile. .3.

Bonnie mosman

i dont personally know reece but i know his sister Kate, i have known kate to be 1 of the most beautiful people i know from what i have heard Reece is as beautiful as her. I wish Reece to rest in peace and he will never be forgotten by anyone even the people who dont know him like his friends and family do. l8rs bella. i luv u Kate take care....luv alwaz Bonnie xoxoxo

Rebecca Cooper

Forever in my heart. In my thoughts and; In my prayers. Rest in Peace Reece.

Christian Fojt

I live in hornsby and ride socially and the occational track day. To see you come through this is truely inspiring. I would like to purchase two tickets to the fundraising dinner on the 6 November. Could you please advise on how to purchase. Thank you

Like a star, you cant always see him, but you know he's always there! :) still one of the top riders in the paddock, if not in person then in spirit.

Today more than ever Reece I wish I could have just one more hug. To see that never fading smile. To feel your touch and hear your voice. Missing you more and more as each day goes by. You will always be my number one. Love always and forever MUM

Wade Aunger

Been thinking quite a bit about Reece and his family lately. His smiling face seems to pop into my mind at random. I often put his sponsorship tape in and marvel at his determination and ambition. You had to admire his dedication. You'll always be missed Reece but as predictably as you would have been right on the gas had you still been here, you'll never be forgotten bud. Hope all the Bancells are doing OK and Reece's friends can still remember with a smile...

Sarah Brackenridge

To Reece's family, my deepest wishes are with you all. I knew Reece in primary school when he lived in Melbourne. I was very close to him and his family and my sister was best friends with Kate. I only found out about this 2 weeks ago. I am soo sorry to hear. My thoughts are with his family and close friends. Take Care

Ron Ca$hman

Hey m8 The first round of The Reece Bancell Trophy has been run & won . I was very happy that someone you knew won it Dean Martinello a very desrving winner the Martinello( Marshamallow) boys have put your advice to good use . I still miss you m8 not the same without you sticking up for Max Biaggi in MotoGp season & chatting on Messenger


hey reece and family. i hav just cried reading the msg ppl have left. it so sad to loss someone so young and so talented. but i think that you should be so i'm sure u r.....of wat he did achieve and knowin that he was doin wat he did best. enjoyin his live before. best of luck. and rest in peace reece. Lyce

Dorothy Tuchyna

I met you a year ago today Reece and I'll never forget that day and the things you said. In the words of Rick, 'Suttle as a sledgehammer' and '10/10 for trying!' Thanks for making me feel special. Only you could have proposed on the second day of knowing me :) I know you're chatting up the angels now, till we meet again! love Dotti

Chloe Waters

It was a sad thing to hear you had past away they say Burn Rubber Not Your Soul''we'll never forget you Reece .Love Chloe

No 1 FAN

15 Mar 04: Hey Reece, weekend's over- first round OZ Titles finished and it wasn't the same.How I wish you were here pushing the teams as i know you would.It's not right.Miss you so much.

Krystie Keelan

Reece touched the lives of many, and meant so much to many of our riding motorcycle stars today. Its a loss that will be felt in the industry for a long time to come, but his memory will live on in the hearts of the hundreds he touched, and while he's not here, he will be forever remembered as one of the nicest riders in the paddock. rest in peace Reece, knowing that you made a difference to many in the world during your short time here.

Karen Keelan

Hi I am the web editor for Aussie Riders a web based motorcycle information centre, firstly please know we send you our sincerest condolences for your loss. Reece was a talented riders it appears a good person. We would like to do a tribute story about Reece, the website is please feel free to contact me to discuss this further. you can phone me on 0403904341


my condolences to the bancell family, it was truly a sad day when i heard the news,but as it happens reece passed the test of life for only the trully good die young. Reece... i remember back in school how i used to call you uncle fester an you always punchin me back. You'll be in our hearts GOD BLESS!!


you are my star i love you more then you could know. love forever and always thankyou for caring..


Christmas Eve here Reece.....this still don't seem right...sweet dreams buddy.

Your Best Mate & Biggest Fan

Merry Xmas Mate.Love You Heaps.Miss You So Much.


Merry Christmas Reece. There isnt a day I dont miss you. With love from Dorothy Jano Vlasta John and Adriana

Larry Lambert

Very sad. Motorcycling is a dangerous sport and sometimes you forget about that.

Tim Simpson

It's sad to see a rising stars life cut short so soon. He was destined for greatness. Our thoughts go out to Dave and family.

Neill and Tracey H.M.R.A.V

On behalf of H.M.R.A.V We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the Bancell family and friends for everyones great loss. Reece in Peace Neill and Tracey H.M.R.A.V Club

Adam Ziegerink

im so sorry for the passing away of reece. when i woke up and heard the news i was shocked. i still have a poster of reece on my wall, and it will always stay on my wall. i am a huge motorsport fan and reece will be greatly missed.

Tinka Bancell Watson

Happy Birthday Reece, meow. Miss you. Love (Fat Cat) Tinka

fay bancell

happy birthday darling grandson reece miss your smilling face so much and your frequent phone calls you are in my heart always love nana fay

Alison & Tony

Reece, Today we think of you & our sense of loss has never been so great. Happy Birthday Fast Boy. Missing you & sending all our love to the Bancell crew in Sydney. Love, Alison & Tony

Peter Brimson

Please accept my sincere condolences. You have every right to be proud of your son. As a recent member of Cafe Racer SA (YZF-R6)and never having met Reece, I have come to know him through the loving memories of Dorothy, Bob and Shelley Hartvigson, and so many others. He will live on in our memories as another one of those people who knew the true meaning of sharing, passion, fun, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, guts and determination. Whilst I never had the good fortune to meet Reece, I believe that the biggest compliment that you can pay someone is to say that they are really nice. Reece had that one down pat, so he was one helluva guy! Kindest regards Peter Brimson #111

Susan Watson

Happy Birthday Reece miss you love Nana Betty and Susan


happy birthday. this is fairly old but it still makes scence and if i've touched you then it's worked coz it took ages to write I want to cry now I really do Im so sad and so blue my friend passed on sunday It made my family cry He had to go sometime But why now god, why? Now we cant even talk Or hug or kiss or even laugh Im okay for now Im gonna miss him so But i told him once ill tell him again I'll love you until the end the love lives on I'll miss you so much Fly to heaven now Reece You've got your wings I'll get mine also some day R.I.P Reece

Kat Davies

Hi Dave, Jill & Kate, walking around the Island on the weekend I knew something was missing, walking through the tents looking @ all the bikes I found myself keeping an eye out for Reece, what I would really like to say is Reece was missed this year and not just this weekend he will be missed every day, I would just like you to know we are all still thinking of him and he will never be forgotten luv Kat

Trish Bowyer

Dave, Jill & Kate Thinking of you always......especially today. Wish we could have caught up whilst you were in Melbourne but will hopefully see you soon. Hang in there as best you can. Love & Friendship always! Trish & Family xxx

Helen Thomopoulos

Dear David, Jill & Kate There is so much I want to say however I understand that there are no words.... Just know that my thought and prays are with you. Love Helen (ex Kitch Bramstedt now KBH)

mattty Smith

rip reece my good friend

a friend

I want to cry now I really do Im so sad and so blue my friend passed on sunday It made my family cry He had to go sometime But why now god, why? Now we cant even talk Or hug or kiss or even laugh Im okay for now Im gonna miss him so But i told him once ill tell him again I'll love you until the end the love lives on I'll miss you so much Fly to heaven now Reece You've got your wings I'll get mine also some day R.I.P Reece

Pepe Leyva

To die we born, nobody suffers more than those left in this world, may our tears relief the pain...

Miss you i wont ever forget you! you were a great rider.


Hey Guys, I saw this and thought it was appropriate for Reece. Luv u and see you soon at PI. Dorothy Dont grieve for me, for now Im free, Im following the path God laid for me, I took His hand when I heard Him call, I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day To laugh, to love, to work or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way. I found that peace at the close of the day. If my parting has left a void Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah yes, these things I too, will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, Ive savoured much. Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Dont lengthen it with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me. God wanted me now, He set me free.

Vlasta Tuchyna

Dear David Jill and Kate, things are getting better here and I have some time this morning so I thought that I say hallo. I'm thinking a lot about you guys, you amaized me the way you handle this situation. I realy wish I could spend more time with you Jill but Sydney is far away. When I think about it Reece was traweling a lot and everything saunded so close. No matter where he was.I still thing he's not far away and that we meet again. For now I'm glad that we have each other and wish we stay as a family, I had the feeling that what Reece wanted. God bless you guys, Love Vlasta.

Brent Gladwin

David and family we were distraught to hear the very sad news from Eastern Creek when it arrived here in the UK ! It has taken me some time to try and find some words. When Reece was here with us over the winter looking for a ride how he had changed from that young star struck Kid we met at Philip Island when you were kind enough to help our Team with Karl Harris for the World Supersports race in 2000. A kind self motivated young man with one thing in mind to be the best! REST WELL SIR

Stevie-Jade Preston

I'll never forget you .My deepest sympathy to the bancell family, he was a great person. KEEP ON SHINING M8!!

Stevie-Jade Preston

Phillip Island won't ever be the same without you LOL,i'll always remember you trying to hide in the garden so you could see what room i was staying in whilst davo & stoner dragged you out of the park!!You were such a pervert ha ha!! Missing you loads, Thinking of you always!! lots of love xoxo xoxo mwa mwa

Mesut Acar

Rest in Peace....

Anna Lucidi

Dear David,Jil and family, we send you all our deepest sympathy, we are thinking of you. Kindest Regards, Anna Lucidi and Peter Smith


I'll never forget you Reece. You were always such a friendly person, always smiling and always willing to help others. You have given me a few tips in the past that I will never forget. The world has lost a great talent. May you rest in peace. My deepest sympathies to the Bancell Family. It touched my heart deeply when I saw you all revisiting the scene. Reece will never be forgotten by all of us.

Kirsty Anderson

sending my love to you Reece and to your family.

i knew reece for just over a year and a half and im finding it so hard to belive i wish the bancell family and all reeces friends my thoughts of deepest sympathy are with you all. he was the nicest person anyone could know and where ever you are mate take good care of your self and dont forget to shine like the star we all knew you were

The smith family

May you never be forgoten and you shall be in our harts Forever!

Greg Bowyer

Dear Dave&Jill,I am very sorry to hear of your great loss.I saw Reece only a few weeks ago.My thoughts are with you .Greg

keith & maggie roberts


carly higgins

Im so sorry to hear about the death of REECE BANCELL he was a great rider and Achieved alot in racing career.Once again i'm sorry and hope all his famliy are doing ok.

Ralph Brudenell

I heard the news about Reece last Monday night when I was watching the preamble to the GPs on foxtel (taped). We are all stunned, and send our condolences to you. We will be in touch soon. From Helen,Ralph,Leigh and David

Ben Bowyer

Dear Dave and Family, Im so sorry to hear the news and my deepest condolences to the Bancell family. Reading all the tributes to Reece, I can see he touched and inspired so many people. His memory will live on forever.

Lauren Ackerman

To the Bancell Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Reece will always be remembered with a smile.

Rachel and Adam Fenn (Bowyer)

Dave, Jill and Kate, we are thinking of you in these hard times. This website is amazing and a fantastic tribute to the person you are Reece. I am sure the light will continue to shine on you. Rachel and Adam Fenn (Rachel Bowyer) X


An inspiration to anyone with a dream who will be sadly missed by all. RIP.

Matt (SBA) Warner

Dave & family, Deepest regrets on the tradgic loss of Reece. He truly was a champ and a great guy. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Kenneth Croucher

I have had the pleasure of meeting Reece at road race meetings over the past few years, I was at the track on the day of the accident. i can only express my deepest condolences to Dave and the family and say that Reece will be missed deeply by all the people who had the pleasure of meeting one of the sports truly wonderful people. you will live on in our hearts Reece.

Jason Lynam

My sincere sympathy to Family Bancell. Iam shocked to discover this tragic news. Reece to me was an extremely entertaining and talented man. My thoughts are very much with your entire family. Kind Regards, Jason Lynam.

Nick and Renee Henderson

We'll never forget you buddy.

i miss you follow these words

Its a good touchy message. It does make sense and we should take the time every day to do what it says. Around the corner I have a friend, In this great city that has no end, Yet the days go by and weeks rush on, And before I know it, a year is gone. And I never see my old friends face, For life is a swift and terrible race, He knows I like him just as well, As in the days when I rang his bell. And he rang mine if, we were younger then, And now we are busy, tired men. Tired of playing a foolish game, Tired of trying to make a name. "Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim" "Just to show that I'm thinking of him." But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, And distance between us grows and grows. Around the corner! yet miles away, "Here's a telegram sir" "Jim died today." And that's what we get and deserve in the end. Around the corner, a vanished friend. Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you. Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late. Seize the day. Never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family, for they have helped make you the person that you are today.


reece your loss was heartfelt by all we all miss you so much im so sorry i didnt get to say goodbye i cant handle funerals listen heres a poem why?d you have to go? You left in such a terrible way The crash, the sound, the blow Everyone?s still crying They?re hoping it?s not true looking at old photos remembering everything of you They play our song out loud Tears start flowing from my eyes As I walk up to your casket And I start to say goodbye My sweaty palms hold the key You said it was your heart You promised that we?d be together You said we?d never part People say that I?ll find another But I Know that it?s not true You were my first, and will be my only love I?ll remember you in everything I do

ally and jess

R.I.P we'll miss u heaps m8

bernie and jess

miss ya heaps!

Allysa Kilkelly

You lit up all our lives With your smile so warm and bright You are a star in the sky above Forever burning at night You were my prince on a motorbike Your lust for riding you would crave You shared with the whole world your talent For you were never short of brave You taught me things about myself Things I never really knew I'll cherish every moment we had together You were so pure and so true You were too young to leave us There are many things we had to do Dreams we would talk of together There will never be anyone else like you You accomplished everything What no one else could have done See you soon, my shining star I'll love you forever........Goodbye Number One! You will always be in my heart Reece, R.I.P! Love Always, Allysa.

Trent Smith

Not many words can possibly express this truly devastating event. On friday, i said goodbye to a young gentleman, that i have the honour to say, is a great friend. Reece, mate, im going to miss you unbelievably, and i look forward to seeing you, in our next round. Rest in peace mate. Trev

Matthew L

I can remember the good times we had at sussex heights primary school reece, with every one else. You will be missed by all. RIP

sean willenberg

rest in peace reece you are a inspiration to people who want to follow their dreams...

Veronica Campbell

Reece, you were always a little shit in primary school picking on Kate and I, always living life to the fullest and going too fast to slow down...we love you and we will all be here for Kate, Jill and Dave. You loved that bike soooo much, there was absolutely no stopping you, you rode it all the way to heaven. With luv, kisses and hugs...Ronnie xox


Reece, Friday was huge. No doubt you looked down & saw the impressive crowd of who's how gathered to say farewell & celebrate the effect you had on us all with your cheeky grin. The beautiful Kate was amazing & we were all touched by Wade, Bracksy & Cam's kind words. You came into the Chapel gracefully on the shoulders of your friends & fellow competitors & left us just as gracefully also. The boys all looked after your dad into the early hours & I have to say that much reflection, lots of laughter & some tears followed your service. You have done us all proud champ. XXX

Adriana Tuchyna

Thanks for always bein there for me and listening wen i needed to talk. You were a gr8 friend and I'll always remember you as the person that called everyday, made me smile, did my asignments and got me out of trouble with my mum and even bought me credit. I hope I could have always been there for you as you were for me and I could have made your day too. Love you Reece!!!

Rennie Scaysbrook

Best Rider I've ever known and the best bloke too. Reece will be sorley missed by all who came into contact with him. The Scaysbrook family wishes to give their deepest sympathies to the Bancell's

Nicky Unsworth

The track won't be the same without Reeces cheeky grin. I will miss him. All my love and heart, Nicky - Team MSR

Mark Stanley

Reece was a close friend and rival and we will sorely miss his presence. Because we both come from a racing background I feel more so for everyone involved as we are all trying to achieve the same goal, Reece was well on his way! The Bancell racing name will live on in our memories

Christine Teasdell

Rest in Peace Reece, You will be missed by all.

Wade Aunger

I've seen some gutsy things done on motorcycles in my time but the courage that reece's sister kate showed at the service yesterday was hard to go past. The service was a fitting way to send off an exceptional young man and Kate's courageous and hilarious recount of her life with her big brother was inspirational. The Bancell family are an amazing group of people and we are all the richer for knowing them. Rest In Peace RB you were a hell of a nice young kid and a great racer to match. I'm privileged to have announced on those occasions when you were going for the second twist of the grip on your beloved Suzuki...

kevin magee

Reece`s family, be VERY, VERY PROUD. I had just met Reece and was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by his person, not to mention his riding ability! R.I.P. KID.........

Craig White

Reece where ever you are i am sure that your battling for POLE and giving it everything you have with that smile on your face, that you always had

John & James Beckley Two Wheel Torque M/C TV C31

Our deepest sympathy on the loss of REECE , he was a true young gentleman of the sport . he always gave his time to speak to TWT . RIP REECE . You achieved much more than many . John

you are a top rider that will always be remembered and we hope you rest in peace and i thourght you were better than number 1

jess wells

luv u reece, RIP.

Simon Siounis

I was lucky enough to have met Reece a number of years ago at Eastern Creek at a ride day. The ride day was during the middle of the week and there he was there with his dad Dave. I was amazed at the level of skill Reece he showed on the track and was even more impressed about his great character that he showed off the track. I was also amazed at the level of support that his father Dave showed towards his son, taking time off work to be with his son and help his son Reece chase his dream to become the No.#1. I said to myself there and then, that if I am in a position in the future to sponsor this ?kid?, I will! A little time had passed by and my position changed within the motorcycle industry and I became the product manager for a motorcycle accessory importer and thought that this is the time to help out a great up and coming rider and could think of no better person to help than Reece. From this I then formed a good friendship with Reece and followed his racing achievements and was extremely happy for him as he was always improving and it was a matter of time before he was on the top spot. I also raced in the supersport class (albeit a long way back from Reece though) and got to see a lot of Reece and his dad at all the different tracks in Australia and it feels like a very large family being part of the motorcycle racing in Australia. It feels like you have lost one of your own family members. Wherever your saw Reece, whether it be at the Island, the Creek, Winton or at Queensland raceway, you always saw his dad Dave close behind. I don?t know what to say other than my heart goes out to the Bancell family and to say that I have the utmost respect for his dad Dave for giving so much of his time to help his son Reece chase his dream to become No.#1?

Tom Griffin

Reece what can i say, i wish i made the effort to see you more often after you left school, mate u will always be remembered in my heart as a good bloke, i know you wanted number 1 mate to all of your school mates u are number 1.

Glen McMahon

Dave, Jill and Kate, Sorry for your loss our thoughts are with you all. The funeral service was something I won't ever forget. It was amazing to see just how many people Reece reached. Regards and and our deepest sympathies Glen McMahon, Michael Shaw and Branden Oxford. Singleton Motorcycles Racing.

Karen Logan (West Aust)

When I heard of the tragedy (my boyfriend has raced the national series this year & I had called him to check on his progress, just after the accident)I passed on my sincere condolences to the family through Reece's website. I had never met Reece, tho' I probably passed him in the pits at Phillip Island this year... but in reading through the comments of his friends, family, colleagues & associates I've come to realise what a special person he was. I hope everyone takes the time to let all the special people in their lives know how they feel about them because we can never see what's around the corner. Again, sincere condolences to everyone who is experiencing sadness at the passing of this special young person who lived life to the full and made many people around him smile. :o)

Ray LeNevez

My sincere condolences at this time. I knew Reece just a little and was impressed by his happy nature and his attitude to his sport. His loss is a tragic one. Kind regards, Ray Lenevez Clerk of Course - Formula Xtreme

Peter Steer

to Dave, Jill & Kate Our thoughts are with you in this sad moment. No words can express how we all feel. Reece's magic was not confined to his racing as is obvious by the many people who knew Reece and the support shown by many, many people.

Bob Muir

My thoughts and care for the family of your sad loss.

luke wicks

To Dave and Family our deepest condolences at this very sad time. To Reece we know you'll be racing somewhere, so strap urself on grab your throttle and get ready for the ride of your life, and if tears were fuel ur tank would be full so race on mate. from luke and greg wicks

Rod Colquhoun

Very sorry to hear of Reece's accident. Sincere condolences from all at Speedway Racing News Magazine and the Chequered Flag Motorsports Programme. Rod Colquhoun

Amy Schulkins

Deepest sympathies to his family and friends. All the best.

Peter Taplin

To Reece's family, Reece was a great guy and great competitor, I'm glad I had the chance to know him and call him a friend. Gone but not forgotten. My thoughts are with you all. Peter Taplin, 250GP

james canny

Hi, sorry to hear about Reece, i never actually met him, but came very close to dying myself last year at the moto GP, i came off at turn one and was air lifted to the alfred hospital, but i will not ever give up on my passion, and i'm sure reece wouldn't have had it any other way either, my sincere condolences. James Canny #77

Devina Ditchfield (nee Austin)

Dave, Jill and Kate, My love, thoughts and prayers are with you. Reece - rest in peace....

david andersen

david & jill our thoughts are with you at this sad moment david & kelly andersen

Charmian Drane

Dear Jill and David, Just to let you know Chris and I are thinking about you and so sorry you have lost your son. I know we only met you the once at Sabina and Tony's, but we enjoyed such a lovely evening hearing about Reece and his passion for his sport. We were, and are, so impressed by your close family involvement. You are lovely people and we wish you both and your daughter well, and hope to see you again soon. Finally, as our son said "Reece was doing what he loved Mum, and that is what we all have to do." Please accept our thoughts and love, Charmian and Chris

Another caring motorcyclist

To the Bancell family, and Reece's many friends. Words can not express the loss that you must all be feeling. I hope it comforts you to know that others share your grief, understand your feelings, and are thinking of you at this sad time. Remember the good times that you shared with him, and don't dwell on what might have been. God's peace to you all.

Adam Forster

To the Bancell Family, I am writting to you to express my deepest sympathy over the loss of Reece. I only knew Reece for a short period of time, but what I did know of him was that he was a terrific person. I was devestated when my father Peter rang last night to give me the news and it really shook me up to hear of the loss of such a talented friend. He will be missed greatly and my thoughts are with your family at this very sad time.

David Holt

Reece, I have known you for many years now and have watched you grow up to be a respectful, talented and wonderful young man. Our lives are have been changed and our hearts are saddened with your passing. Your memory lives on forever in our hearts. God bless you Reece.


Athough i only met Reece a few times my condolences and deepest of sympathy goes out to the friends and family of Reece. Rest in Peace

Colleen Taig

My dearest Jill, David & Kate, Words cannot express my feelings for you at time. We have seen how outstanding Reece was, and his great love for what he did - he wanted nothing else. I remember the photo you showed of David in full leathers and Reece aged 3 dressed the same as his Dad. I will always be there for you, Jill. Love, Colleen.

Diane Scaysbrook

To the Bancell family and Kate. On behalf of myself and the Ducati Owners Club of NSW we would like to offer our deepest sympathies to you on the death of Reece. Our club supports a lot of racers, young and old, in all forms of motorcycle racing. Reece was mentioned many times over this last year for his success at the track. What a sad loss to the motorcycle faternity. President of Ducati Owners Club of NSW


to the Bancell family, i am a friend of the tuchyna family's. I knew reece through them. I did not get the privelige to meet reece but i spoke to him a fair bit on the phone. Each time i saw his name come up on the screen id answer with a "hey reece" and he would always be so friendly to me and always say how much he wanted to meet up. From what i know about him and have heard about him he was a great bloke with a huge heart and was willing to help anyone with anything if it made them happy. I give my condolences to the family, may God be with you. Reece, i know you're with God, wait for me! Rest in Peace gorgeous!! God Bless...lots of love, hugs and kisses, caitlin

Ivo Konopcik

Dear Jill,David and Kate, my heart goes out to you and all I wish at this moment is to hug you all and give you some strenght to deal with this tragical loss. My thoughts are with you and I know that no words can ease your pain at this moment. Please, accept our deepest condolences Ivo and Alena

Daniel Figueiredo

To the Bancell family I have no idea what to say, but that I am sorry!!! Still it is hard for me to accept that one of our motorcycle friends has passed away. Reece loved racing motorbikes and because of that I am sure that, he will be up there looking out for all of us at the circuit... Daniel #78 Superstock

Chris Smith

Sorry to hear reece passed away on sunday i am very sorry. I still have memories like, when we were at your unit and we went in the elevator and you pressed the emergency stop just for fun, you laughed, i cried but you cheerd me up by telling me funny stories about Kate. RIP.

robert,julie,naomi,marc harrington

our thoughts are with you. you should be extremely proud of what reece achieved.he was taken from you too soon.

Michelle Butcher

To Mr and Mrs Bancell and Kate. When i heard of your loss my heart sank. I cannot express my sorrow for your whole family. Reece was a nice wholesome bloke who had a good heart. He will be sadly missed by everyone he touched at school your family will be in my prayers. Reece you will be sadly missed but life will be forever celebrated. Rest In Peace

Craig O'Brien

I was sad to read this mornings Herald Sun and see his notice in the paper. Reece was my best friend at kindergarten and early years of primary school. He was a great kid and obvious talent to the sport. I am completely shocked and send my condolences and sympathy to his family and friends. Reece you will be sorely missed. Regards, The O'Brien family

nathan anderson

i am deeply sorry to hear of reeces passing and send my condolences . reece you were a good genuine mate who will never be forgotten .my love goes out to kate and family . your smiles will never be forgotten mate .


You left us living your dream - hats off to you! See you on the flipside, mel.

Levent 'Mongrel' Toriyen

As a fellow motorcycle enthusiast and lover of life, I am so sorry to hear of the tragic and early loss of such a young and promising, (not only rider, but person), as Reece. I can only offer scant condolences to you his family who must be devastated, yet extremely proud of what your son stood for, his passions and success on and off the track, in his brief stay in our world. I believe that Reece continues to ride in some place even now, but alas we are not able to see. Find strength in your sons and siblings memory. I wish you all serenity, soon.

jessica shepherd

dave, sorry to here the bad news and i wish i could help you and your family at this time, please always remember reece was doing what he loved and was good at it. JESS

Jannelle Morgan

Dear David,Jill and Kate, We first met Reece at Lakeside when he used to pit his Moriwaki next to us. Our memories are of him laughing and having fun, especially up here in QLD. We just needed to let you know our love and thoughts are with you in this most sad and unbelievable time. Jannelle Bryan "Trick" Flaggy Trick Supermono

Danny Ahern

Dear Dave and Jill, Just heard the horrible news last night, so just wanted to say I'm thinking of you both. My condolensces go out to you. Having seen young Reece hanging around while you rode Dave and when I first met and to see him grow into a fine young man, you should both be proud. To have had such a good bond and to go sharing weekends together racing as well as the other hours of prep is something most dads only dream of. Sad that it was cut short but no one can take that away from you. Thinking of you both, trust you give each other strength. RIP Reece Kindest Regards Danny Ahern #27

Stephen Ward

To the Bancell family.My deepest condolances to you all, know that Reece will be missed & thought of by all at mick's gp nights. A great guy that touched all our hearts & laughter alike, a grin that will remain in my memory forever.

Shannon Etheridge

My thoughts are with the Bancell family on this tragic passing of reece he was a great rider and person as i was lucky to be able to know reece he was one of the nicest guys i could ever meet and always lended a hand if he could he will always be in our hearts and never forgotten we will miss u reece

Alyce Garnett

Dear Jillian,David and Kate. Reece will always be in our hearts. We will all miss him and never forget him. I just want you to know that im thinking of you all. Alyce Garnett

Rachael Hern

Dear David, Jill & Kate Even though I have already posted an email on the mcnews site forum, I really felt the need to contact you via another avenue. This email is of a more personal nature than the last and I hope that you don't mind at this time. As a Race Secretary, you get to know each and every rider that competes at the events you work at. Some you only know to look at but each and every one becomes your own. Reece, to me was one of "my boys" and touched a place that not all do. I can not possibly begin to understand your sorrow, but please believe that I deeply sympathise with your loss. I will always remember Reece as the life of a meeting. He would always come in for a chat and let me know how he was doing on that day and give me updates on his season whenever he came to Qld. He was one of those kids that pushes his way into your heart and just keeps showing up to make sure that you couldn't possibly forget him. I am so sorry if this email is hard to follow but it is so hard to express adequately in words the sorrow that I feel both at Reece's passing and for your loss. I know for certain that Reece will continue to live on through all of us that have had the pleasure of knowing him (and his infectious grin). I sincerely hope that the devastation you are feeling now will eventually fade and you can heal in time. Be sure in the knowledge that Reece was loved and admired by many. Please accept mine and my family's deepest sympathies. Kindest Regards Rachael Hern

James Garnett

David, Jillian and Kate - I will really miss Reece, he was my hero.Reece and I were really good mates.I loved playing playstation with him and Reece always won but sometimes he let me win.Reece will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. James Garnett

Kevin North

To Dave, Jill and Kate, I was saddened to hear of the tragic loss of a fine son and brother I will always remember. From all in the North family, you are in our prayers and hearts. Kevin, Wedge, James and Tom.

Alex Hearne

My sincere condolances to the Bancell family for there tradgic loss . Reece was loved by all who met him and will never be forgotten .

Karenne Jacq Mitch David Gregory Spooner

To Reece - a winner in every way! We'll miss your smile - be at peace.

Mark Fattore

On behalf of the entire team at Motorcycling Australia, our deepest symphathies to the family and friends of Reece Bancell after the tragic loss of a great young man. If there ever was a constant in the road race paddocks of Australia in recent years, it was the smiling face of Reece -- always charming, always appoachable, always upbeat, always genuine. A person of the highest order. Reece's love for the sport was unmatched -- and combined with the unnvering support of his loving father David, they made a huge impression on the road race scene. Racing is not a just a function of being first past the chequered flag -- it's performing to the best of your ability, while doing something you love. Reece personified that spirit. Rest in peace Reece -- you've done everyone proud. Mark Fattore Motorcycling Australia

Matthew Gluyas

I am deeply saddened to hear of Reece's passing, and buddy, i'm gonna keep my head up as you always told me to. And to Kate and Mr & Mrs Bancell, my prayers are with you. Goodbye Reece, you'll be missed.

Andy Tan

I only knew Reece through emails but from such a simple non face to face communication I was somewhat amazed at his kindness and willingness to help me in my endevours to be a racer. He didn't even know me but offered so much help for nothing in return. Thank You Reece! I was at EC helping out one of the teams and was shocked to hear the news. My deepest condolences to the family and team. Guys like Reece who I didn't even know well helped me out while others I did know did nothing at all and I can only say is "Thank You Reece your a Champion" !

Andy Tan

I only knew Reece through emails but from such a simple non face to face communication I was somewhat amazed at his kindness and willingness to help me in my endevours to be a racer. He didn't even know me but offered so much help for nothing in return. Thank You Reece! I was at EC helping out one of the teams and was shocked to hear the news. My deepest condolences to the family and team. Guys like Reece who I didn't even know well helped me out while others I knew did know did nothing at all and I can only say is "Thank You Reece your a Champion" !

Gary Simmons

To the Bancell family. My son Derryn raced against Reece on many ocassions and I spoke to Reece just after qualifying on Friday and again after the 1st race on Saturday at Eastern Creek. My deepest condolences. Any loss of life is tragic particularily one so young. My wife and I and Derryn are thinking of you.


very sad news. known reece for a few years.gonna miss your dirty sms and internet chats, he use to ask me for guidence with his girl friends etc...he was so mature yet so nieve! and that was so pure.. i looked up to you as a great bike rider- one day you would have been the best.

Ivan Evans

To the Bancell family: I am the brother of Hilary Evans, a friend of David Bancell. David once stayed with me and my family when he and Hilary stopped over here in San Diego amny years. My wife and I remember David very well. We are terribly saddened to hear of your enormous loss, David. Our sinceres condolences. Ivan Evans San Diego, California ( sam) luste_rondeau

Riley McNee

To Reece's parents, and his sister Kate, i am deeply sorry to hear of your loss of your son, and kate your brother. No words can do justice in offering my condolances. To Reece, sititng here bro remembering the times you and me terrorised many teachers in your last year at shcool. Can still remember your last day...Mrs pearson, she loved it. You will be sadly missed and never forgotten. They say only the good die young, i believe that to be true. You had more talent and desire then anyone i know. Rest in peace brother and until i see you again, keep smiling and looking down over the ones who love you. Your mate and as you called 'homeboy' Riley

Peter, Michelle, Josh, Mikayla, Forster

Dearest Dave, Jill & Kate This is the hardest thing I have ever tried to write, there isn`t any words that can express how we feel for you all, out of all the young men we have come to know in the racing community Reece was one that we looked forward to catching up with, he was always bright and cocky as he kidded around with us, we consider ourselves lucky to have known him and he will always hold a special spot in our hearts and memories. you are in our deepest thoughts

Kristan Fahd

My warmest wishes go to the Bancell family. Reece will be forever in our hearts. Kind Regards Kristan Fahd

Katherine Levy

What started as such a great ended in tragedy and although I was only a spectator on Sunday, there to support our Australian riders, a stranger to Reece, I would like to share deepest condolences to all of Reece?s friends and family, I can?t comprehend what you must be going through, my thoughts are with you. God Bless.

Willoughby Motorcycle Club

Our deepest sympathy to the Bancell family. Reece will always be in our hearts.

John Pardon

On behalf of all the members of the Queensland Flag Marchals League, we offer our condolences on the passing of Reece. He will be missed by all those who have stood on the side of the track and watched his skill and career progress.


Reece, words are incredibly insufficient. Theres nothing I can write to express...You made a place for yourself in my life. I came to rely on talking to you and no-one else can fill that gap. You made people laugh and your smile will never ever be forgotten. Thankyou for ever for your friendship. Thankyou for the tips. I dont want to say goodbye.. May God hold you in His arms. I know you are happy now in rest. See you soon buddy. You have my love always, Dorothy To David, Jill and Kate. Your son was a gift to the world and you have our love and prayers and support. God Bless You


Reece, i had the pleasure of years at high school with you, together we tortured Mr. Bourke in yr 9 maths... You helped me buy my first leathers at procycles and i was proud to hear of your achievements at the track. You will be sadly missed but forever remembered. Deepest sympathies to your gorgeous sister Kate and family. We are thinking of you.

Craig Johnston

I am very saddened to hear that Reece passed away on Sunday night. Reece was a great young guy with enormous riding talent. I can only offer my deepest condolences.

Glenn johns

I am devestated. Dave, that you gave and give so much to the sport and now it has taken's unbelievable. My thoughts to the extended Bancell family. glenn anthony johns sep2003

Rosie, Jess and Jan Lewis Leone, Taby

We will always remember your happy smile and koolness, at the phone shop. You were great at chooses the best covers to get for Jess. And you were alwyas good at annoying rosie on saturdays and thursday evenings. And hitting on my friends on msn. WE LOVE YOU!!!!! and we will never forget you. RIP

Graeme Harrison

I am a member of Ducati Owners Club and was very sorry to hear of Reece's death on the weekend (from a number of sources) and my heart goes out to his family...

Trish Bowyer

To the stunning Reece & Family - a beautiful young man that we only saw so recently at your Dad's Party! You all worked so hard to make it very special for him - a celebration of old friends and family where you shone like a bright shining star - making sure your Dad was having a good time and 'pacing' yourself for your race the very next weekend! An incredible sadness has enveloped our hearts as you race on to your next adventure and your soul goes onto it's next wonderful and exciting LIFE! Your heart and smile will live always with those who were lucky enough have to known you and go on to make the lives of those who will come to know and love you so happy! You will be missed terribly but thought of with joy and happiness always! My love always to the incredible family you have left behind to mourn their huge loss - Jill Dave & Kate - my arms and my heart encircle you now and in the times ahead. I love you very much. Trish xxx

Josh Waters

My thoughts are with Dave,Jill,Kate and Reece's team. When i first started out road racing Reece Bancell was all ways nice to me. Never to stuck up even though he was one of the best in Australia. This year i was lucky enough to be able to be team mates with Reece. I was pitted with him on this tragic weekend. Only minutes before the race i was joking around with Reece. You will allways be remembered Reece. R.I.P

Toby Mellis

Although i didnt know you as well as some. I feel a loss personally because of the type of person you were ,not just to me but everyone around you.Your parents have lost a wonderful son, your friends have lost a best mate, and motorcycling has lost an amazing star. I will never forget you........Toby

jessica and eric Peake

even thogh i never really knew you i will miss you very much & it won't be the same without you. Bye Eric. i only saw you race a little bit but it was enough to say you are a good racer and you should always have won. jessica

Charlotte (Lorraine) Pickering

David, I know you will get this message - Barry and I were devasted when we heard the tragic news from Fay this morning - we are both totally lost for words to express aptly our deepest sympathy to you, Jill and Kate. As another in the guest book commented you obviously had a wonderful relationship with your son and were able to enjoy a common bond if only for a short time. A tragic loss of a wonderful young man well liked and respected in his chosen field. At peace with John.


I have had several goes over a period of hours at writing something that is fitting for this tragic occasion and each time I have ended up deleting what I have written. Why? Because I don't feel I have the ability to write something that is good enough. This was a good young man who made up half a great team along with his father David. I don't mean just a racing team either; I mean a great father and son team. They weren't completely unique, but they weren't far off of it. They did what the lucky fathers and sons do if the right bonding has happened from an early age. And that is they experienced most things that they both enjoyed together and enjoyed each other?s company. They were mates! What this tragedy has done for me is to remind me how special some people are in ones own life. So there is a young boy were I happen to live who will be getting an extra big hug tonight before he goes to bed. David I am truly sorry that this has happened to you and your family. Your son was a fine lad and you are a good man.

Tony Rees

I have only really got to know Reece better over the past two race meetings riding for Sydney City Motorcycles, and have found Reece to be the nicest young man who was always so friendly and I enjoyed his company immensely.... Our thoughts @ wishes are with you all at this difficult time, Tony & Vicki Rees

edu de Hue

condolences to the family from all of us Thanks for sharing your talents and smile with us during your short stay. Ride with the Angels !

Brenan McGann

Such a tragic end to a great life, I didn't know Reece apart from saying hello at track , but he was always smiling and friendly. I can't imagine what you must be going through, my thoughts are with you all.


Rest in peace mate.. ill be winning for you!!!

Chris Wilkie

My deepest sympathies go to the Bancell family.I believe people like Reece do go to a Better place,I spoke to Reece on a few occasions and he was a total gentleman and professional.Its time for him to catch up with Barry AND Liam.God bless.

scott bonner

A Good young guy gone too soon.

Colleen Dooley

My heart goes out to Dave, Jill and Kate in their tragic loss of a wonderful son and brother. A champion on and off the track.

Jim Heimblen

To the Bancell family, please accept my deepest condolances for the loss of Reece. He is with God now and he will always be with you.

Mark Brehaut

Deepest condolensces to the Bancell family at this tragic time. Another racer gone, but not to be forgotten.

Peter Sutherland

My sincerest condolences.

Karen Logan

Sincere condolences to all the family.

Phil Astley

We are all honoured to have known him. My son Jack has lost his hero.

Jacelyn Cumming

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Having also lost a loved one to the sport, i feel a deep sadness for your loss. Reece will always be remembered as a champion.


Sorry to hear the tragic news about Reece. My sincere condolences to his family.

Kelleher Family Glen Number 75 Supersport

They do what they do because it makes them happy and complete. So many children have parents who say no and they never get to their dreams.

Gareth Coupland

Words cannot express the sadness and emptiness I felt when hearing of Reece's passing. In times like these you hold onto the belief that people like Reece really do go to a better place. My condolences to the entire Bancell family in this tragic time. You may have worn #3, but you were always #1 in my eyes. Gareth Coupland

Craig Nicholson

My deepest condolences to Reeces family. You were a great rider and role model to me. You will be missed at the track always.

Ron Cashman

Words can't say enough how I feel. I will miss you mate.

Ky Lane

Im heartbroken. Was only recently I spent the day with Reece at the Qld round. He was a true professional, and complete gentleman; not to mention a star talent. His parents should be proud of him. My condolences. I hope his friends and family find peace. Enjoy the victory lap champ! Your mate, Ky.

Alison & Tony

Reece, Our beautiful, bright shining star. We are shattered beyond belief that you are not here with us. We watched you grow from a small boy running around the back of the trailer with Dave's post classics into the determined & talented "fast boy" that you had become with so much untapped potential. Our hearts are breaking for Dave, Jill & the beautiful Kate with the realisation that you have been taken from us too soon. Working on belalf of you in the team has been a pleasure & you remain our heroic charger. You are now sleeping gently on angels wings, Love Tony & Alison

rob vikuckis

My deepest sympathy to the passing of reece. His smile around the pits will be missed. Rob Vikuckis #44 superstock.

Chris Peake

Vale Reece. You have been a good friend to many of us. Condolences to your family. We all share their grief. A small tribute is posted on our website .

Michael de Lissa

I am SO SORRY to hear the news. I cannot believe that this has happened. I met and talked with Reece a few times and he was such a nice guy, with so much to look forward to. Please accept my most heartfelt prayers are with you.

David Holt

Great to see you doing so well Reece. I hope you go all the way to the top. You are not only an excellent motorcycle rider but you are a good young man as well. God bless you.

Chris Gray

Hi Reece Met you at your Dad's 50th on Saturday night which I attended with Marty Hone. Was watching a bit of the racing yesterday and Marty pointed you out. Was great to see you ride; you looked fantastic and I'm sure you will be up there in No 1 spot very soon. All the best Chris Gray

David Emmerson

Hey Reece, Excellent site. Great to see you've come so far so soon. Have been keeping track of you're successes and can see that determination you showed in the pits as a Jr is comming through as you climb the ranks. Keep focused and you WILL supprise your opposition.

Ky Lane

Great to spend the day in the pits with you today, and awesome racing.

Simon Siounis

Oi Reece, Long time no hear. Great to see you running so well this year. Hope to catch up soon!!!


Hey Reece,I'm so glad I met you! Luv the website, very pro. Good work on the weekend, cant wait to watch the next round live. Lookin forward to see you on my birthday! Till then ride on.. Dorothy

Josh Waters

Good ride on the weekend Reece. See you at the Island


Saw your Ride at Mallala today April 03. Darn gutsy mate and well done..! All the best at Phillip Island.

Gene Lawless

Just wondering how you went about starting the Marowaki GP80 series, how much it was, did you have to supply your own bike and other info and could you direct me to a site with info like that. Thanx!!

Wayne Maxwell

Its a cool web site hope to see you on the track soon!!

Julie Birkett

Hi Reece, Thanks for all the words of wisdom you gave me the other day out at the tract any more bring it on as all those seconds count. I should of got you to take it for a few laps as it needs a few things done to it as what I'm not to sure. I know its not a suzuki but your knowledge with bike would come up with something, Besides baging it out and telling me what a piece of shit it is. Oh well next time. I'll try new gearing and see if that improves things anyway. Also hows that $17,000 front rim going sold yet? As regard to our trip over to Europe it would be great if you could get us those pit passes like you mentioned, for Jerez or Le Mans we'd really appreciate it. All the best with your testing at the island, remember that unfinished buisness it could be what you just need to wrap things up. Talk to you soon, or see you down at the island. Regards Mark & Julie Birkett

Nick henderson

hey reece bummer about the other week hey, keep up the hard work and next time we catch up we can have that spa night we were talking about and get pissed together.

Mark Newton

Good site Reece, (just noticed on your poster that you had one) Informative without too much bullshit. Thanks to your parents for geting me in the pits at last years Moto GP. Best of luck for this year. Will probably see you at Mallalla. Try and get some good photos.

Gareth Coupland

Hi Reece, Great news about securing the satellite sponsorship deal with Suzuki - well deserved. Look forward to seeing you up the front at Eastern Creek next weekend.

Scott Sparling

I just wanted to wish you luck because it is a Costly sport and that to get the Level you want it is going to take more than commitment you have to be Born gifted like the Doohans and the Rossi's



jessica peake

go reece you are geting better by the miniute did you get my other two letters to you we dont have a couputer so i do these at my friends house love your pal jessica and eric

jessica peake

you have being practicing very hard I see and when we can see you in SA Eric and I have being waiting to see you again. bye

Pete Housley

Hi Reece, You've been very quiet since you got home - any developments???

guy weselby

i hope you have a good christmas and new year and hope to see you in the new year see you later guy

sean watson

hi reece. there has been no update on who u will be riding for next year??

Mark Watson-Price

Dear Reece. Just happened to fall uopn yourwebsite. It's really the photo gallery. Good luck in all your up and coming races mate. Ill be interested to see how you go. Mark

alison and tony marasco

hope to see you soon reece, alison and tony


Hey Reece, you probably dont know me. I work in Wendy's at Hornsby Mall. My friend knows who you are, she told me you name. I love your website, you are so cute! PS Im the one with the red hair.

Ron Ca$hman

Good onya Reece You have been xclnnt in thanking your sponsors etc. Keep up the great work ! Don't get too cold in England m8

Alison & Tony Marasco

Reece, Well done on securing 3rd place in the SARRC! You showed great maturity under pressure, & we are sure this is only the beginning of greater things to come. We were pleased to have been able to be there to cheer you over the line! A big hi to all the "crew" & looking forward to a huge 2003! Tony & Al

Rennie Scaysbrook

I knew you would pull off 3rd in the title dude! You did real good today and this whole year, we are all real proud!

Deb Davies

Hi Reece, just viewing your site, keep up the good work. Maybe well meet one day. My daughter Sam (alias: luste) says Hi. Good luck @ Eastern Creek and UK. We'll be thinking of you.

sam laube ( luste rondeau the hoochie mumma)

good luck this weeklend!! chat soon


your ready to race over seas fast reece

jessica peake

hi its me and eric how are you we are good we are half way home we are in gelong we hope to seee you again.bey

Mary McPhail

Hey there Reece, long time no see! Keep up the good work, you're doing great! ~Mary

Pete Housley

Ey-up Reece how ya doin? If your coming over to the UK next month get Jill to give you a crash course in Derbyshire dialect or bring a phrase book otherwise you'll starve! Things looking good for next season? Message from Kev Schwantz - how cool is that! We'll see you next month. Cheers, Pete.


cool pic well u seem like a nice dedicated guy well hope to talk to u soon



peter vicary

hi reece, having a look at your web page, see you at eastern creek, regards peter

john christie

Good to see ya doing well reece, i have been following you for a while, hope you make it to the big time. Regards

Ron Ca$hman

Hey Reece, Those Diadora 2fit boots that you said I should get are awesome but unfortunately I will never be able to go as fast as you in mine! They are stylish. Thankz m8 Keep up the training and hard work & you will be on the top step of the podium soon. But always rembember what Jeff Fenech said (If you have put in your best effort in training & work for your sport and you don't finish 1st you still are a winner)

Tony & alison Marasco

Hi there, Great photo in AMCN!! Again congrats on the podium & hoping offers come your way. Keep up the great work, Regards, Tony & Alison

Alison & Tony Marasco

Hi Reece, Great riding last weekend. Hope to catch up with you guys at the GP.

Josh Waters

Hey Reece, Good riding up in Qld. Ill see you at the GP mate.

Dave Johnson

Hi Reece, I wish I had a choice web site like you!! Im going to Oran Park with cars next Thursday so Ill ring you then. PS Do you need a team mate in QLD?

Liam Wilkinson

Hi Reece. How are you going? Hope you win you'r race in QLD. Dad get's his new motor on thursday. So hopefully he won't crash this time. (MUM IS SICK OF BEING HIS NURSE.)

Mark Stanley

Professional?????????????? That follows an occupation as his profession , life work or means of livelihood........ How much does Terry O'neal pay you to ride in his golf cart???????????????

Shannon Etheridge

hi reece this is a cool site. im a friend of zac davies and was riding with at eastern creek at the motor cycle spectacular on my proddie hope to talk to u soon

Cindy Langston

Reece,hope everything pans out & we see you racing for many great years to come. As we will always be your support team.

Brian Carpenter

U.S. friend of Phil Astley's. Saw your website on the ferring in a picture Phil emailed me with his boy on your bike. Thought the bike was cool, wanted to see more.

sylvia murray

I am a passionate supporter of all motersport on two wheels and go toas many race meets as time permits,my son Paul Murray resides in adelaide and races superstock, his placing at mallala 28th april 3rd, 6th, 9th,he works at yamaha pitmans ,rides a yamaha r6 .keep up the good work Good luck racing.

Alex Gobert

Hi Reece, good to see your doing good this year. Little more time and you should win a couple hey. Alex PS i still got the hots for kate ahahahaha

Alison & Tony Marasco

Hi Reece, Good riding last weekend. Consistently at the pointy end of the field, and finding speed with every meeting. We shouted as loud as we could from our possie at MG every lap. Keep it up. Looking forward to catching up with "the team" at Winton. Love to all, Alison & Tony

Pete Housley

Lookin' good this year Reece! Stay cool, stay smooth, and lean on them as hard as they lean on you - the results are going to come, no problem! Take care, Pete & Chris

Josh Waters

Keep up the good work Reece!!!

Gareth Coupland

Reece, I watched all the Supersport races on the weekend and you've got speed to burn - just got to have a few more things go your way (chat to Holland about that!). Keep up the good work - you'll be smokin' Curtain and the rest of the factory boys in no time. Cheers Gareth

Alison & Tony Marasco

Hi Reece, Congrats on the wonderful rides you put in at the Creek FX. Great to see you leading the bunch. Don't worry, that first place is just around the corner! Saw your crash sequence with Holland on MCNEWS - what a lucky boy you were there! Remember to keep the bike rubber side down & the throttle wide open. Hi also to the "support team" of dad, mum & Kate. Love, Alison & Tony

Louise Brady

Was your Dads nickname Teppi? It's a small world! good luck, I'm sure I'll be asking you how you won that race on the podium very soon. Drop me a line when you're in Blighty!

Dean Bonthorne

Hi Reece, Just a quick note to say congratulations on this excellent website and to wish the best of luck with the 2002 season on your Suzuki GSX-R600! Dean Bonthorne Motorcycle Marketing Co-ordinator SUZUKI AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED

Trish Bowyer

Congratulations Reece - great to see you doing so well. Your Dad is busy "bragging" - just a bit !!!!

Alison & Tony Marasco

Wow Reeece, Congratulations on the wonderful news from METZELER! Hope you have a wonderful time in Singapore. Smoke 'em ace! Love always, Alison & Tony

Ross McNamara

Congrats you are the new Pin up boy for the new Metzeler Rider Reviver Club and Key ring campaign. I have sent you the files seperately. Excellent Web Site and YES Metzeler will be fully sponsoring your team for 2002 and this will include a trip to Singapore for a guest ride in their series. Well done Regs Ross McNmara.

alison garnett

Congratulations reece on a fab ride on the weekend - good luck for the future - from the garnett family ( david, alison, alyce and james )

samantha (luste-rondeau) laube

ur a lucky guy!ur too cool reece! focus and youll do well!!

Alison & Tony Marasco

Reece, Great ride at the Island last weekend! Great to catch up with the whole Bancell crew. Keep up the great work ethic, and always remember that we knew you BEFORE you were famous! Big hi to the gorgeous Kate!!!! Love always, Alison & Tony

Ron Ca$hman

Way 2 go M8 great results at the Island!

Josh Waters

Cool site Reece


You the main man Reece!! You better be racing at Brordford dude! If not Ill see you guys at PI. Later

geoff braddock

good luck for this season. kick some butt. watch the mechanic you've got working on your bike, i hear he's a doozie.

Ron Ca$hman

The calendar is a great new feature Reece! Visitors to your site should check the gallery out as well. Cya m8 kick butt in 2002!

David Malins

nice site reece

Nana Betty and Susan Watson

Reece always remember your dream. Good luck always. See you soon love from Nana Betty and Susan.


GO HARD at the GP dude!

david,kim & cooper malandain

Nice photo gallery. Cooper thought it was pretty good to see himself. Hope you are doing well and your racing season is going to plan. Oh and happy birthday for later this month, its the same day as Cooper, maybe David will get his champion after all!!! Take care and we will see you next time your over. Byeeeeeeeeeeee David, Kim & Cooper

louise hubbard

Hi Reece Just had a look at your home page. Very goog Take care Louise

jack hubbard


Warren Elmslie

Great site Reece.

Lani Deves

Apparently you know my dad and he told me to come visit here. Have to say this is a beautiful website and I love your bikes colours. yeah thats all I got to say

fay bancell

got more news out of this visit than i did on the phone. signing autographs ah! wont' be too long before you are siging them fron the GP DON'T GET TO TALK to you much these days how about giving us a ring one day and filling us in more. You are too modest darling. hope to see you soon lots of love Nana.


I'm sure you'll be number one,,,soon. Keep up the good work mate..

Benny Carboni

Finally, you've made it to were you've always wanted to be! congratulations mate, u earnt it. I know it was your dream mate. on ya---benny

Charlotte (Lorraine) Pickering

You won't remember meeting me, it was some years ago while you were on holiday in Merimbula - David and Jill (with some extra effort) will remember who I am - was talking with Fay in Melbourne who gave me this sight - I think it's great - looks full of action - good luck with the bikes and say hello to Mum and Dad.......

Ron Ca$hman

G'day Reece, What's happening with your race reports ? Cyuin Adelaide July

fay bancell proud nana and granpa good luck

good to see you this week end and keep up the good work. Are you riding the 600 soon and if so good luck. Like your websight and your photo. Did you set this up yourself? I should have this photo on my saver at home. Lots of love Nana 20-6-01.

Rennie Scaysbrook

I have known Reece for around six months now,and he is one of the nice guys of the sport.I wish him all the best in his pursuit of his goal of becoming world champion,because he certainly has the talent. Have a good one mate!

Barry Sheene

Work Hard , Train Hard , Determination , Aggression, NEVER GIVE UP , You WILL make it - stay with it


great site reece, needs more photos regards hendo

Agatha Christodoulou

Go for it babe !!

Melissa Arnell

Sweet as man!

peter forster mad cow

congradulations on your effort at the vic titles best of luck for this weekend.

Matty Gluyas

Keep goin reece, if thats what you want to do, you'll do it GOOD WORK!!!!!

Nick Ryan

Katie Brown

Kylie Paulsen

Way to go Reece