Objectives of the Reece Bancell Memorial Association

  1. To educate young people to ride safer by promoting and supporting Motorcycle Riding schools and Ride days.

  2. To encourage young people off the streets and help source education and riding programs for young motorcyclists in a safer environment.

  3. To help set up help and support programs for families who have experienced a motorcycle accident with permanent injury to a member of their family.

  4. To help set up help and support programs for families and friends who have lost someone due to a fatal Motorcycle accident.

  5. To help families and friends to source counselling after they have experienced an injury or loss to a loved one, due to a motorcycle accident.

  6. To provide a body that will promote safe Motorcycling and provide funding and support for various motorcycling events and related activities.

  7. To be responsible for the promotion of the sport through supporting young riders in accordance with the General Competition Rules of Motorcycling Australia.

  8. To deliver funding through means of a scholarship to up and coming young motorcycle riders and provide funding and support for various events.

  9. To put forward guidelines for which riders or organizations can apply for financial assistance in terms of scholarship or grant.

  10. To be progressive and to implement plans for the future of Motorcycling for the young by working with other organizations, sporting bodies and affiliated organizations.

  11. To assist in gaining appropriate funding from private organizations, Local, Federal and State Governments, in order to promote the sport.

  12. To raise funds through various means in order to achieve our goals.

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